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Bullying Redirect tackles the common obstacles that often get in the way of addressing the bullying problem, and offers clear and experienced guidance to Christian Educators on how to “redirect” these obstacles. Many positive and practical whole school and classroom strategies are provided to successfully reduce harmful mistreatment and the harm that mistreatment can do in the Christian school community. Successful, no-cost strategies on how to navigate many challenging topics relevant to bullying such as; depression, gender issues, sexual identity, students with special needs, and bullying policies and the law, are also provided. Compelling evidenced-based research is concisely presented, along with effective social norms strategies for positive Christian school-wide change. This is a succinct, yet comprehensive resource, with prayers and scripture passages woven throughout, for Christian Educators to execute meaningful field tested approaches to discipline, and promote pro-social skills for spiritual formation, resiliency building, and building a sturdy bridge between school and home for a safe and thriving Christ-centered school climate.

Bullying Redirect - Christian Educator Edition

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