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Frank DiLallo

Frank has a B.A. in sociology and Master of Education degree in School
Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Independent
Chemical Dependency Counselor, and Certified Prevention Specialist-II.

Frank has over 30 years of experience as a school counselor/educator/consultant/author specializing in a unique Christian response to bullying prevention and intervention.

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Frank is a highly experienced veteran facilitator of professional development
with educators, specializing in a Christian response to bullying, and parent
trainings on creating a successful bridge between home and school. Frank is
a frequent regional, state, and national conference speaker and consults with
educators and parents around the country on the topic. June of 2019, Frank
presented at the World Anti-Bullying Forum in Dublin, Ireland. As a
professional educator/counselor, Frank is passionate about promoting peace
and the compassion of Christ in Catholic and other Christian schools.


To his writing Frank brings the additional perspective of being a husband,
proud father of four children, three grandsons, and a practicing Catholic.

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Frank is the author or co-author of the following publications:

Bullying Redirect Series
Bullying Redirect: Strategies for Christian Educators
Bullying Redirect: Strategies for Christian Parents
Bullying Redirect: Strategies for Educators (secular edition)
Bullying Redirect: Strategies for Parents (secular edition)
Peace Be With You Christ Centered Bullying Redirect Grades 4-8 Curriculum
Peace Be With You Christ Centered Bullying Solution, with student workbook
Peace2U: Three Phase Bullying Solution, with student workbook

Two audio CD’s
The Peace Project: Meditations for Young Adults
Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace: Inspiration for Strength, Hope and

"Frank DiLallo's Peace Be With You program provides profound service to schools, families, and communities. Well grounded in both theory and practice, its three-phase process addresses bullying of both boys and girls in inspiring, meaningful, and sustainable ways. This book and program are a must read for any school or community interested in creating a safe school climate."


Michael Gurian

Author of Boys and Girls

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