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The 2018 edition includes student worksheets.   Peace Be with You Christ Centered Bullying Redirect is a dynamic and effective Scripture-based, spiritual formation curriculum, prayerfully designed for grades 4-8 classrooms. The curriculum is based on three foundational pillars that include student skill building in; Servant-Leadership, Pure in Heart, and Love Your Neighbor. The program consists of Scripture and prayer-led lesson plans to successfully teach eleven meaningful lessons via 21 interactive classroom activities. Each lesson plan includes a purpose and learning objectives that are connected to the National Catholic Standards, 72 worksheets as assessment possibilities to measure student progress—all of which is facilitator scripted. Peace Be With You was developed by Catholic authors to assist Catholic and other Christian schools in reducing harmful mistreatment and the harm that mistreatment can do.

Peace Be With You: Christ Centered Bullying Redirect

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